The tender fig is a page for anyone or no one. I made it to share my love for all things creative; to document my passion for vegetarian food, nutrition, travel,  photography & art. 


I find that today, less people are cooking their own food. This is partly due to the youth not learning how. The realm of cooking is a lot easier than people may think and can be so much fun once you have a grip on the basics. That is what the recipe section of this site is for. Its a great beginners guide to simple, easy and quick recipes that are also nutritious. Most recipes are approximate to leave space for you to be creative. And because real creation begins when the guidelines are put aside. 

In a world where creativity is left behind for the sake of practicality, I think we all need to find our own ways of expressing our creative natures- Of finding their relevance in our everyday lives. 

Don't be afraid of failing in the kitchen or anywhere else in life- mistakes are a basis for learning and growth. I hope this page will inspire at least one person to eat healthier, cook more, do more creative things or at least try something new and uncomfortable.