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Colds & Flu; what should we do?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

There are so many health claims out there, which makes finding real reliable answers quite daunting and confusing. Because everyone is so different there is no magic pill or one size that fits all. At the end of the day we have to learn to listen to our own bodies and become in tune with what they are telling us. Although this may seem harder at first than taking something that will quickly treat your symptoms, it ends up being easier and much more liberating in the long haul. Heres a little story of a recent experience I had with Juice Plus+

Usually I get sick about 2-4x per year (usually during seasonal changes) and my cold is pretty much the exact same every single time. This makes it easy for me to predict outcomes and plan accordingly. Because I can tell when I am on the verge of getting sick (specific tickly feeling in throat, low energy, then headache if I'm almost too late to stop it) I can boost my immune system right then and there, which usually results in my body fighting off the bug and returning back to normal. If I'm too late in catching it OR I've already fought off colds quite a few times without getting sick, then I will get the cold. This second one is interesting because it tells me that boosting my immune system and resisting the cold is actually just postponing it- each time I prevent it from happening, it is as if my immune system takes a hit but doesn't take a fall- getting a little bit weaker each time until the cold takes over. In which case the immune system is strengthened, rejuvenated and back to normal (with some more training under its belt). The more we get sick (and I'm talking about common cold stuff) the stronger we get, because our immune cells are now trained and remember how to fight what they recovered from. Without this period of sickness, our bodies do not get the chance to learn how to fight illness (which is part of the reason why often times you will see people who either get very seldom but very extreme colds or very common mild colds). Being exposed to all the pathogens that we are everyday simply from breathing and interacting with different people and places, keeps our immune system toned (like a muscle that must be consistently worked to prevent atrophy). Once you actually do get a cold (because your guard/immune system was down for any number of reasons), it reawakens this defence system and gives it further training: (Your immune cells are literally trained to recognize pathogens and train younger naive cells in this amazing process).

But anyways back to my story...

Normally my cold lasts for about 4 days- 1 day of very low energy, sore throat, maybe headache, 2nd and third day =low energy maybe headache, constant runny nose and eye and fourth day is pretty much like the first. When I first felt that a cold was coming on I did the usual- lemon juice with cayenne pepper, echinacea, zinc, vitamin C and lots of rest. However this was the 3rd time I was fighting one off and this time I got it. For the first time I tried taking Juice Plus+ capsules (which give me ridiculous amounts of energy when I'm not sick) while sick. And for the first time, my cold did not take its regular course- the next day I felt the same instead of worse- and the day after that I was already better. I knew the capsules were good but I was not expecting such a positive effect on my cold.

With that said it does make sense.

The capsules are simply whole ripe fruits and vegetables, plucked in season and ground up into a powder. I was skeptical about the product because normally things in capsule form are never going to replace the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables - but wait... this IS fresh fruit and vegetables!

Because none of the ingredients are isolated, the natural synergistic action of the phytochemicals contained within the foods are preserved. Keeping the product in a form that the body understands and can utilize optimally without side effects or adverse outcomes.

It's important to shed light on how much today's society underestimates the power of food and nutrition.

In my eyes they are the foundational basis of all health and healing because they are simply the tools used by the body to engender change and wellness. Our bodies are phenomenal transformation machines that know what to do when things go wrong, but they can only do the best they can with what they are given. Just like any other machine- they can only be as good as the oil you put in them.

The truth is very simple, although applying it can come with challenges. The capsules provide an easy way to get these nutrients we often lack in our everyday diets- fueling the body with exactly what it craves.

In a way, real medicine is the food and drink we put into our bodies and the thoughts that we cultivate.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


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