The Omelette

The perfect savoury breakfast, brunch or hell, even dinner- omelettes are so delicious and filling. You can pack them with anything! The recipe below is my favourite combination (2nd is the simple feta cheese and spinach combo). The overlap of flavours in this dish is so wonderful- you can even make giant ones with 3 eggs for a meal that will keep you going for the whole day. Fresh herbs are the key here, try to get some cilantro in there and if not- fresh basil or dill. 

You'll Need

  • 1/4 red onion chopped

  • 1-3 small button or cremini mushrooms (or any other type)

  • 1/4 green pepper chopped

  • 1 large handful of baby spinach

  • ~1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese (you can sub for parmesan or feta)

  • 2 eggs

  • salt & pepper to taste (you can use other spices like chili) 

  • 1/2 an avocado

  • 1 tomato (1/2 sliced, 1/2 chopped)

  • 1 small handful of fresh herbs (cilantro & basil)

  • dried oregano for garnish (optional)*

The fillings are really at your discretion, you may prefer a cheesier, cheese-less, more packed or thinner omelette. Get creative and make it your own :) Other great ingredient choices may include (but are by no means limited to)- white onion, enoki mushrooms, green onion, red/yellow bell peppers, potato, feta cheese, fresh parsley/oregano, chard/kale etc. etc. 

Start by chopping the onion, mushrooms, pepper and washing the spinach. Slice the avocado and tomato and set aside- you will want to have everything prepped and ready before the egg goes on the pan for a smooth omelette-making experience.


Slice the 1/2 avocado and 1/2 tomato and set aside. Chop the other half of the tomato and grate the cheese. Wash the fresh herbs and tear into smaller bits. Beat the eggs with some salt, pepper and oregano. 


Fry the onions, mushrooms and pepper until almost ready (golden), then lower the heat and add in the spinach until it shrinks. 


Now reheat a bit of oil on the pan and pour on the beaten egg once hot. Don't pour the egg on before the oil is hot! Otherwise the oil will mix into the egg and make a greasy omelette. As soon as the egg is poured on, tilt the pan to spread it all around into a nice flat circle with no holes and immediately lower the heat to medium low.  


Arrange all your ingredients onto one half of the omelette with enough space to fold it over. 


Lift the empty side with the spatula and fold the egg overtop of your ingredients. If the bottom half is already brown, flip the entire thing over. If everything flies out when you try to flip it don't worry haha- I can't even tell you how many times that has happened to me. Your omelette will look like vomit but will still taste like heaven. Also, the cheese and tomato that comes out and grills on the pan will get nicely fried, giving them a completely different flavour than the ones inside. 


This one came out clean. 

You want to cook the omelette for long enough that the cheese melts and the egg on the inside isn't gooey anymore but not so long that the egg on the outside burns or over-cooks. For this, it's best to flip it once so that both sides get a chance to be evenly cooked and to cook on low heat so that it doesn't burn or overcook while allowing you to leave it cooking for longer. 

Once it's brown on both sides, the cheese is melted, and a peek inside shows you that the egg is not gooey anymore, take it off the pan and dab off any residual oil with a paper towel. Garnish with oregano and enjoy!